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RAFI Creations - The Original Hand-Crafted Shower Shelf Company

We manufacture for sale a variety of unique shower shelving options for your bathroom. Available products include Corner Shower Shelves, Prefabricated Shower Wall Niches, Soap Dishes and more made from Marble, Limestone and Travertine to install when you set tile or to install after your tile is complete. The After Tile Installation Kit installs to Ceramic, Porcelain or Stone tile.
Our Recessed Shampoo Niches are pre-made and ready to insert in a prepared opening in your tile shower. Our Corner Shower shelves are ready to set within your tile or you have the option of an additional kit to install to existing tile. See Product Installation tab above to find detailed instructions on how to install our shower shelving products.
We also have a selection of Tile Murals and Mosaics plus a number of other artful stone items for the home. (See our “Mosaics, Murals, Etc.” tab)
Where to buy our products? We invite you to browse this site, choose and purchase your products directly from us, or if you live near any of our distributors we ask you to visit their showrooms.
Custom orders are also welcomed, if you have a special situation or request please contact us for more information.
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Your Shopping Experience

We at RAFI Creations continue to try to make it easy and informative as you shop our products. We also want our daily efforts to be productive. After going through all the traditional ways of online commerce things became rather cumbersome and expensive. Even with thousands of sales in the past 8 years we knew we needed to find a better way.

Our new streamline operations have helped us to spend more time to concentrate on production and less time on worrying about website issues. With the better productivity we have been able to keep our prices at our 2008 levels at the time of this post.  

You will find that as you choose a product, you are redirected to our main point of sale, ETSY. In this way we have the power and the protections that come with the ETSY system. Your purchase will be through our ETSY Storefront. What this means to you is that your information will be secure, your purchase will come with a built in 3rd party to contact if you have a problem with our service or products. Please feel free to see the ETSY policies, etc.