2-D & 1-D  Dome Niche

A wall cut-out about 13 ¾” wide can work.

But only if it is very plumb.      

Suggested is 14” wide,

the height should be 18”/ 2-D and 13”/ 1-D

Ears will give you a starting point for adjustment - cut out on ears should be set flush with substrate, or with a little gap between the two if your tile is ½” thick.

Tile finish will butt to dome edge - tile should finish under dome edge about ¼” minimum, more than ¼” is fine.

Cut tile around ears and butt tile to outside edge of Niche.

Custom Dome Installation fin.jpg

Put thin set on bottom of wall cut-out to support unit.

You should place small tile piece under unit for using wedges and spacers to support a level final resting place, you can do this after unit is in place.

Thin set should be mixed pretty thick.

Be sure to dab thin set in a few places on back and sides, at least 2 spots per side, upper -lower, left -right. Place unit in wall opening, move and adjust amounts of thin set until you are able to set in proper place without trouble but firm.

If you have too little thin set, you will need to remove the niche to add more.                      

In most cases if there is too much you can wiggle unit and spread the thin set within the wall opening with the movement.

Check shelves for level left to right and inside to outside. Niche Shelves are engineered to drain when unit is set level and plumb.

Continue to check

that the niche is not moving until it begins to harden.

You can tape in place to help insure placement. But you should continue to check it.     


Let Dry before continuing to set tile.

You can fill gaps around niche if needed, this can help 

stability when setting tile around unit.